October 1, 2021

“You were created for this”

A year ago, I had the honor and pleasure of speaking at a woman’s day service. It was truly amazing to see all the beautiful woman in the church. I spoke from Proverbs 31:25-31, and it talks about how a wife/mother, carries herself, how her family looks at her, and how a God fearing woman should be praised. As women, we were created to take on challenges that men are not able to handle. It wasn’t meant for them to handle it. When we were created, God saw fit for us to be able to bear children and take care of our families. That is why we are so strong. It is not to call a man weak because there are things they can do and are responsible for that we are not. But God entrusted us with such a wonderful gift, motherhood. Granite we go through a crazy process to birth our children, but in the end they are a blessing, no matter how many grey hairs or headaches we get. We were created for this. We were created to be wives and hold down our family. But the parts of the scripture I enjoyed the most, is when it says e face tomorrow with a smile. My smile is one of few things I love about myself. I also hide behind it very well. But I start each day smiling because I focus on the positive more so than the negative. I ensure that I take on the new day ready for anything. I don’t always want to smile. I don’t always want to laugh. Kirk Franklin made a song called “I Smile” and it truly goes with verse 25. One line in the song says “even though I hurt, I smile.” It’s easy to be upset and wear that on your face, but it is a challenge for one to smile in spite of everything. But we were created for this. We don’t have to look down. We can except the challenge to smile no matter what the day brings. Heck, cry when you are alone if you have to, but let your smile take over your day. Another part of the scripture I read was verse 29 “many woman have done wonderful things, but you’ve outclassed them all”. If nobody else can tell me, I know where to go to be reminded. There are many woman in the world that are amazing and do great things, but we are all set apart for our purpose. Yes, the next persons situation may look better than mine, but I have still done wonderful things and outclassed them all. It is not to put down, but it is to build up. Tell yourself “I’ve Outclassed them all.” And say it like you mean it because it is true. You don’t need a public recognition or an award because you are living proof of greatness. It resides in you. Whether you are a single mother or married, you have purpose. You are amazing. You have are needed. Even if you have yet to birth children, you were still created for this because even though you didn’t physically birth, you can spiritually birth out the purpose inside of you. We all have it, we just need to tap into it. It is worth it. Keep pressing. Keep striving. Keep believing. Keep smiling. I love you. #buildingtime

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