October 1, 2021
“Let you “Sis” be for Real”
October 15, 2021

“Why Not Me”

I pray this year has been an awesome year for you. Every week I have been committed to doing Motivation Monday ‘s and last night was the first one of the year. I was excited with the word that was brought forth. Those who know me, know I love music. I based the topic off the song “Why Not Me” by Tasha Paige Lockhart. If you haven’t heard, look it up, you won’t be disappointed. But it was a true reminder that you can’t look at life trials and situations in a negative light. Everything we face and go through was designed just for us. Now some things we inflict ourselves at times, but nonetheless, we were equipped to handle the problems that come before us. Don’t beat yourself up and allow yourself to be at a standstill when things come up. Look at those situations and say “I was created for this and this won’t overtake me”. We have to change our way of speaking and our way of seeing because we can speak life into everything we do. You are strong. You are equipped. Pull on that inner strength and the strength from God. You can overcome anything you put your mind to. Don’t allow yourself to stay in those dry and dead spaces. I speak life into even now. I decree and declare life, success, and prosperity over your life even now. You got this. Next time you are being challenged with something, tell that thing “Why Not Me?” Get cocky with it because you can do it. You can overcome. Just have faith and believe in yourself and God. I love you all. Be encouraged. #buildingtime#SHESpeaks

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